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If you will buy or build a house in the near future, you should think through and consider several factors. Some of these factors are: strategic housing location, ease of accessibility and transportation to and from routine destinations, such as markets, shopping centers, workplaces, places of worship, schools, or hospitals.
For those of you who choose to home in locations scattered housing in the suburbs and rely on public transportation, consider the means of transport are available, ranging from motorcycles motorcycles, bajaj, public transportation (public transportation), minibuses, intercity buses, to trains. Hangout, shadow terminal, terminal or station and the scheduled departure time to ensure the vehicle please note the departure time to go and return to the workplace or school that requires timeliness.
For those of you who have a personal vehicle needs to learn the main line routes, alternate routes, and mice shortest path leading to the various places of work and school purposes. How much time it takes to reach the destination routine. At what time the peak-hour traffic congestion usually lasts prone.
In addition due to clutter the city layout, site selection kekurangcermatan house without considering the subject of transportation can cause a family father, mother, and even children had to leave early (05:30) and arrive the night (21:00) each working day Monday- Friday. Practical home only serves as a place to stay to sleep alone, without time to enjoy a comfortable life in the house.
Notice the sharp environmental conditions around housing.
Is the location of housing and flood-free environment in the present and future? Surely not just affordable housing, middle-class home-end and high end is still prone to flooding. If the location near the terminal, observe the level of noise (pollution), noise, pollution (pollution), air, and prone to crime. The location near the market vulnerable to crime, the risk of air pollution (odor), and the mounting trash. The location near the industrial area at risk of heavy plant air pollution, water, and sound. The location near the region of high voltage lines are also potentially affected by pollution of electrical energy and electromagnetic fields harmful to long-term health.
The concept of urban residential and environmentally sound settlement should be in harmony with the surrounding native environment. Beautiful environment, fresh air, clean water availability, and securely. Beauty of the neighborhood atmosphere can be seen and felt right at the time of passing consumers and those entering the residential area. The atmosphere can only be created by large shade trees that grow optimally, which follow the topography of land surrounding natural topography, availability of neighborhood parks with attractive design.
Living in a tropical country like Indonesia, with hot temperatures and high humidity throughout the year, would not want to acquire a house and a shady neighborhood. Shade not only to take refuge in the house, but how to create shade in the environment around our own homes.
Tropical Modern Houses
After studying the atmosphere, the next step is to check the availability and quality and adequacy of drinking water, water obtained from taps, hand pumps, or pumping machinery. Is experiencing water shortages, especially in the dry season.
Do not underestimate about garbage. Learn how to manage and transport waste, whether administered alone or in temporary shelters provided. Do not also choose from low-cost housing. There are things more important than that. Safety and comfort are some of them.

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